Affordable Car Care is delighted to offer the most extensive range of automotive services and repair solutions throughout the state of Utah. From a basic service to transmission and steering problems, our expert team is always on hand to bring you unrivaled work quality and a superior customer experience.

Regular Service Packages

Affordable Car Care Inc. provides full regular service interval packages that are competitively priced and fully detailed. Our packages are custom-designed to each individual vehicle, but universally priced to bring you professional quality results and genuine value-for-money:

7,000 Mile Service Package

Starting at $79.95

15,000 Mile Service Package

Starting at $229.95

60,000 Mile Service Package

Starting at $489.95

90,000 Mile Service Package

Starting at $489.95

Full Engine Repair Service

Full Engine Repair ServiceIn a busy modern age where time always seems to be at a premium, Affordable Car Care understands just how important it is for you to have a functional, working vehicle at all times. Affordable Car Care specializes in identifying and isolating faults using industry-approved techniques and equipment. We stretch the latest technology to the limit in order to find effective repair solutions quickly and easily. Our highly trained team of technicians uses state-of-the-art code reading equipment to locate and resolve engine management issues, and our expert mechanics use their years of automotive experience to source, remove and replace defective components.

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Jacob Clark

"So happy I stumbled across this place. Albert is honest and personable, and he won't jerk you around. You'd be a fool to take your car to any other mechanic, honestly."

Brake Service

Brake ServiceApproximately 40% of all automotive defects are brake-related and at Affordable Car Care Inc., we provide a comprehensive repair and replacement service that puts your safety first. Affordable Car Care Inc. provides fast, immediate solutions for all of the following braking issues:

  • Single and double leading edge drum and shoe systems
  • Rotor, brake pad and caliper servicing and replacement work
  • Full contact disc brakes